Practical an element of the thesis work: design, website design, exposure dining table as well as other

Practical an element of the thesis work: design, website design, exposure dining table as well as other

Practical an element of the thesis: corporate design

Demands for work with the corporate design mostly repeat certain requirements for printing services and products. a distinctive feature of these tasks is the importance of extra reviews of historical, stylistic, contrast with analogues.

The protection project contains:

  1. 1. Record of developed elements of corporate identity
  2. 2. Link between reviews in a convenient for contrast form
  3. 3. The structure choice
  4. 4. Graphic solution (by means of sketches and also the last phrase, this item could be with the past one for easy materials).
  5. 5. Colors solution.

Certain questions which can be asked towards the graduate student throughout the protection:

Technology of preparation of materials on the pc; Technical problems of computer processing (such as the selection of computer software services and products after all stages of preparation); Acquaintance with the extensive research work carried out about them at the faculty.

Website design regarding the practical the main thesis

Web-based solutions are information resources, as a software product so it is logical to consider them.

The thesis must include:

Justification for the resource that is graphical, navigation system, selected web page templates, samples of visual templates, ready-made pages. Special attention must be paid to:

  • -Determination for the resource, market (user pages)
  • -Short design of the page (including rational organization of data on all pages and posts)
  • -Colour solution
  • -Graphic solution (including logos, corporate design elements, etc.)
  • -Style solution (in what style the work is completed, why, just what duration performs this style fit in with, which elements are style-forming, etc.)

The protection project contains:

  1. 1. Description of user profiles
  2. 2. Information structure regarding the resource
  3. 3. Navigation
  4. 4. Sketches of future pages (at the least 2-3 various variations, design should always be arbitrary, the entire process of trying to find the last design solution is illustrated)
  5. 5. Schemes of typical pages
  6. 6. Map-templates of pages
  7. 7. Types of the pages.

Publicity tablet into the part that is practical of diploma

Criteria for the look for the publicity tablet.

The exposition tablet can be an object that is independent reflects caused by the thesis.

Technical traits and elements that are obligatory:

  • -size 60?90 cm. (vertical)
  • -materials: hardboard, cardboard of grey color
  • -the upper part offers the brand of this Institute of Arts, within the right lower part a signature is put (Diploma task, Theme, Supervisor). Signature is conducted utilising the New Roman Cyr headset; 18 size;

Basic demands for presentation in the content and scope of this presentation that is electronic

The writing associated with the presentation should reflect the content fully associated with the thesis.

The maximum presentation time is 10 minutes.

The maximum number of text that may be pronounced during this time period without haste, obviously and loudly is 2 pages of 12pt with 1.5 periods. Therefore, in the report, many parts of the ongoing work aren’t described in detail, just mentioned, or only email address details are given.

Example 1: „.. The task analyzes the packaging market for shampoos, the total results of that are shown into the table regarding the slip. The after tendencies are revealed… (corresponding packages are shown, which demonstrably mirror the trends)… „.

The text for the presentation must certanly be printed, coordinated with artistic materials and learned.

Whenever developing a presentation, it is crucial to test the correspondence of this presentation theme, the objective of the ongoing work as well as the results obtained. The difference in terms between these sections of the presentation does not allow the reader to enter the actual work because the same material can be represented in different ways.

Fundamental requirements for presentation on artistic materials of electronic presentation

Artistic materials when it comes to presentation are meant to illustrate the key conditions associated with the report, to show the main topic of work also to facilitate its perception, and to assist the presenter in the act of speaking. It’s unacceptable to limit yourself to reading the written text stated in the slides – audience repeat this 3 times faster and lose interest in immediately such a presentation.

The description of 1 slide by the presenter while the study by people of the commission takes on average 1 minute, in addition to maximum wide range of slides is 10-12.

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