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Samstag, Dezember 7th, 2019


Flavor your sugar, wax, terpene, and oil services and products with FlavorLabs – Because Flavor Sells!

How to Taste Wax and CBD Oil Flavoring

Flavoring CBD Oil or CBD Wax Flavoring Agents

Simple tips to flavor CBD Oil

Flavoring CBD Oil or CBD wax is significantly diffent than flavoring candy, vapor, and even chocolate. CBD oil, wax and also the “pens” that will be applied as being a distribution system need a really potent oil based taste formulation which is not typically provided by taste houses as a result of the extremely powerful nature associated with esters and also the dilemma of “perceived” value. In a nutshell, Cannabis wax flavoring is extremely costly to produce therefore amounts that are small expensive. We try not to offer CBD wax or oil and also this should be clarified. (mehr …)